Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reduce Work Comp costs with a proactive approach to treating injuries

When injuries happen on the job, they can turn into expensive claims, ultimately driving an employer’s Work Comp insurance premiums higher. There are, however, ways to keep costs in check. The key is taking action before non-emergency work injuries become insurance claims.

Value-added features offered by select insurance companies, such as SECURA’s Nurse Hotline, connect employees hurt on the job with registered nurses via a 24-hour phone line. The goal of the service is to provide workers with immediate answers to the best way to treat their non-emergency injuries. These minor strains, sprains, and such respond well to simple treatments. That means no visit to the ER or a battery of expensive diagnostic tests.

The rewards of Nurse Hotline extend to both employers and employees.

Benefits to the employer
• Reduced claims. Many injuries reported to the hotline can be
  treated simply with self-care methods. That translates into no
  hospital visit and no claim.

• Reduced costs. When claims are reduced in both number and
  size, premiums typically follow. 

• Reduced lost time. When injuries are treated immediately, workers stay at work or return to work sooner.
• Expert guidance. Highly skilled medical professionals are providing answers. No more supervisor judgment
  calls or overtreating injuries.

    Benefits to the employee
    • Instant care. Injured employees get sound medical guidance immediately.
    • No stress. A skilled independent medical professional advises employees on treatment.
    • A true benefit. Employees will see such a hotline as an extension of the benefits package a company offers.

      A proactive approach focusing on early assessment of work injuries can have a significant impact on reducing a company’s insurance claims. However, in order to reap the benefits, organizations must be partnered with insurance providers that offer them access to these value-added features, and employees must use them.

      For more information about the benefits of Nurse Hotline, view a short video.

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